To my beautiful daughters

To my beautiful daughters

One day you will find true love, a love that excites you, drives you, and makes you happy beyond comparison. Every day when you were little I would pray to God, that he would help you find someone that is going to be a partner that conquers the world with you. I prayed about the way he would look, the way he treated you, and even prayed for God to give him dreams and goals that complimented yours. I didn’t pray for a man that would give you everything because that is not what true love is, true love is being in a relationship where each person provides the support for the other to be able to conquer anything they want.

There are many articles trending today that truly anger me. Directed towards women on how to keep their men focused on them. Many are directed towards sexual acts, being at their beck and call every second of the day, being a service maid to them every moment of the day.

I would first like to say that you will never be able to change anyone. Men do not change the way they act because they are married, have kids, buy a house, or get older. Unless they want to change in their own heart.

When your mother and I met I was the complete opposite of a fairytale man that your grandfather wanted for his daughter. Typical bad boy with lots of tattoos, loud car, and lost in the moral compass. BUT I was having a moral battle internally, I knew that I wanted big change in my life but didn’t know how to find it. Then you two came along and I definitely knew that I needed to be an example of the type of man I wanted for you. I made the decision myself to find my path again, to walk the straight line, to show you how a woman should be treated by giving you examples every day with your mother. Your mom didn’t push me into a corner and tell me what I had to do because she knew that wouldn’t work. The day I found God and let the Holy Spirit direct me in his ways was the day your mom was able to bloom into the beautiful rose she is today. Without me wanting the change in our lives, there could be many different outcomes to the day you will be reading this.

My beautiful daughters always trust in the glory God has given you and know that your worth is a valuable gem. Your worth will give you a radiance that will attract someone who values you the way God desires.

My beautiful daughters do not ever settle for someone that isn’t 100% vested into you and the life you have together. Never let pornography into your marriage or relationships. That will cause deep roots of darkness in a man and it is a habit that is unacceptable and creates false expectations for you physically and mentally.

My prayer for you is that you find a man that:

Gives action to put a story to the blank paper that waits for your lives with prayer, thoughtfulness, patience, and dreams.

Keeps his eyes on you at all times, when you are sick, hurt, tired, beautiful, sad, angry, or even happy.

Gives your future children an example and legacy that will be passed on to future generations. One that will be praised and valued for many years after your pass.

Allows you to take risks and stands with you during times of failure without passing blame or pointing fingers

Cherishes your uniqueness and strength

Puts God first above everything, then you and then your children. By him doing that your marriage and kids will prosper from a foundation that will not be rattled.

My beautiful daughters I do not want you to find someone like me, I want you to find someone better than me. And by doing that I will continue to be the example of a man imaged in God.

My beautiful daughters with love,

Your number one fan who will always cherish you

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