The Christian Bubble

Blake and I were talking about topics for upcoming blog post when he mentioned the trending topic of “the Christian bubble.” I had not heard of this specific story so I began to dig through the internet to see what I could find, and sadly my heart was broken to what I found.

First, we do not have cable, we feel like it’s a waste of money and we shouldn’t be watching TV that much to want to invest that much money into it. (We do have Netflix which our children can watch approved shows) That being said, that is why I didn’t hear much of this topic earlier. Disney JR. aired an episode of “Doc McStuffins” featuring a family with two moms. This is a show that is geared towards TODDLERS and PRESCHOOLERS! I’m sorry but my preschooler is not part of this social experiment that people are trying to use to push their agenda. There is no reason that we as parents should be forced to explain to our young children why someone has to moms. Yes I know I cannot protect my children from life but preschool is FAR too early to be discussing this matter. If my girls had a friend with same sex parents I would be happy to have an open discussion with them because that situation came about natural not forced on us by a political agenda.

I have been told that I am trying to create a “bubble” for my children, but isn’t that my job as a parent? We are to protect our children from danger, from worrying about family money problems and other stress that is beyond their years. As a parent I have the right to choose what my children are exposed to. In our family we do not dumb things down for our children. Our girls are 4 and 6; we speak to them like this intelligent humans they are. But we also don’t expose them to elements that could take away their innocence. We are only young once, we only get one childhood. My children deserve to be kids, just like every other child in this world should be able to enjoy a childhood without being targeted by someone’s agenda. There are so many children that have their innocence taken from them by sexual predators, human trafficking, and violence in and around their home. I believe we should be fighting for the children all over the world who have had their innocence taken instead of attacking kids with material that is clearly much to mature for them.

Yes I have taken action to protect my children from media by not having cable in our home so you may be asking why I care. I want to begin a conversation with likeminded parents who are looking to protect their children’s youth and childlike faith that the world is good. I am not condemning same sex marriage, but I do believe we should be able to choose when and how we have the discussion of same sex marriage in our home. I encourage you to talk to the parents in your circle to think of other ways we can be proactive in letting our kids be kids.


From the Heart with Love 



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