Parenting The Best Way For OUR Family Not Yours

This post idea has been nagging me for weeks but I just couldn’t bring myself to write it until I knew my heart was in the right place.

** Disclaimer!! I am not perfect, I am a sinner. Yes I have been saved by grace (I try my best to live a strong Christian life as Jesus has shown us to live) but I am human and I sin almost daily.

So lets just jump into today’s topic.. We need to stop being passive aggressive and judgmental of other parents for how they are raising their children. God created each of us perfectly for our own lives calling, He has created our children perfect to achieve their calling and from the outside we can not judge why parents are choosing to  parent a certain way.  If they chose Public school, private school,  or homeschooling, they are giving their child the best education they can by the means that God has instructed them to use. Organic vs conventional produce and food. Vaccinated vs non vaccinated or partially vaccinated. Putting your child in more then one after school sport or activity vs not putting your child in any. Your family going to church 2-3 Sundays a month vs a family that goes every week and is involved in every bible study.  Allowing video games in your home or being a household that limits TV time and all other electrics as much as possible.

These are just some of the choices we make for our families on a daily basis. We all believe our way of parenting and running our household is the “best” way, but what if it is just the best for OUR family RIGHT NOW. Allowing space to change our parenting style  when learning new information, adding a new baby into the mix, God prompting us to change something or a change in season.

Our oldest daughter will be  7 in December and boy have we changed our parenting  style over the years. From being VERY pro vaccines to now being a partially vaccinated family , private christian preschool to homeschooling, feeding our oldest packaged baby food then making our own baby food for our youngest and so much more. I am not a better parent then you, and I don’t believe you are a better parent then myself. We are each following the prompting of the Lord to raise our children in the way that will help them rise up to be the world changing adults that God has created them to be.

That being said our society has become the judge and jury on every issue that arises. Because we all believe we know what is best for ourselves and for everyone (even people we don’t know) We share articles on Facebook that are passive aggressive towards one way of parenting or thinking we are sharing wisdom and love when in reality we are judging and sharing our point of view when it is not always welcome.

Over the last month this subject has been on my heart, and yes I have done all of the things I have written in this, I have judged, I have given my opinion when it wasn’t welcome and in a way that make myself feel “righteous” when I was really being noisy and self righteous.  As I said before I am a sinner and I fail as a parent daily, I also fail as being a good friend, and wife but I stand up, repent and keep moving forwards.

So today I encourage every parent to remember that we are all doing our best and we are all called to raise our children in different ways. So even though our parenting styles may be different and we are doing things that we don’t all agree on, that doesn’t mean its wrong. It means it is right for us right now, and not right for you right now and THAT’S OK!!!


From The Heart With Love,





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