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Turmeric Chai Tea Latte

With the holidays around the corner and the cold weather approaching, I wanted to create a healthy yet stratifying drink that can replace a 5$ Starbucks habit. Turmeric Chai Latte is a simple and tasty treat that anyone can enjoy. I have also included a kids friendly version as well because while I was enjoying mine my girls were begging for one as well.


1 1/2 cups of your favorite plant base milk

2 tsp turmeric 

2 dashes of cinnamon 

2 chai tea bags (any brand will work, you can also use “dirty” chai as well)

honey for taste


In a small sauce pan, add your milk and tea bag. Heat on medium/ low for 6 minutes. Turn the heat off. Take out the tea bags. Add your cinnamon and turmeric. Stir until the spices are completely mixed it. Pour into a coffee mug hot or pour it over ice to enjoy any time of year.


For the Kids Friendly version heat up your favorite plant based milk and add 1 tsp of turmeric, you can serve it hot or put it over ice. (using a vanilla plant based milk will add the perfect about of sweetness.) Simple but YUMMY.



To my beautiful daughters

To my beautiful daughters

One day you will find true love, a love that excites you, drives you, and makes you happy beyond comparison. Every day when you were little I would pray to God, that he would help you find someone that is going to be a partner that conquers the world with you. I prayed about the way he would look, the way he treated you, and even prayed for God to give him dreams and goals that complimented yours. I didn’t pray for a man that would give you everything because that is not what true love is, true love is being in a relationship where each person provides the support for the other to be able to conquer anything they want.

There are many articles trending today that truly anger me. Directed towards women on how to keep their men focused on them. Many are directed towards sexual acts, being at their beck and call every second of the day, being a service maid to them every moment of the day.

I would first like to say that you will never be able to change anyone. Men do not change the way they act because they are married, have kids, buy a house, or get older. Unless they want to change in their own heart.

When your mother and I met I was the complete opposite of a fairytale man that your grandfather wanted for his daughter. Typical bad boy with lots of tattoos, loud car, and lost in the moral compass. BUT I was having a moral battle internally, I knew that I wanted big change in my life but didn’t know how to find it. Then you two came along and I definitely knew that I needed to be an example of the type of man I wanted for you. I made the decision myself to find my path again, to walk the straight line, to show you how a woman should be treated by giving you examples every day with your mother. Your mom didn’t push me into a corner and tell me what I had to do because she knew that wouldn’t work. The day I found God and let the Holy Spirit direct me in his ways was the day your mom was able to bloom into the beautiful rose she is today. Without me wanting the change in our lives, there could be many different outcomes to the day you will be reading this.

My beautiful daughters always trust in the glory God has given you and know that your worth is a valuable gem. Your worth will give you a radiance that will attract someone who values you the way God desires.

My beautiful daughters do not ever settle for someone that isn’t 100% vested into you and the life you have together. Never let pornography into your marriage or relationships. That will cause deep roots of darkness in a man and it is a habit that is unacceptable and creates false expectations for you physically and mentally.

My prayer for you is that you find a man that:

Gives action to put a story to the blank paper that waits for your lives with prayer, thoughtfulness, patience, and dreams.

Keeps his eyes on you at all times, when you are sick, hurt, tired, beautiful, sad, angry, or even happy.

Gives your future children an example and legacy that will be passed on to future generations. One that will be praised and valued for many years after your pass.

Allows you to take risks and stands with you during times of failure without passing blame or pointing fingers

Cherishes your uniqueness and strength

Puts God first above everything, then you and then your children. By him doing that your marriage and kids will prosper from a foundation that will not be rattled.

My beautiful daughters I do not want you to find someone like me, I want you to find someone better than me. And by doing that I will continue to be the example of a man imaged in God.

My beautiful daughters with love,

Your number one fan who will always cherish you

The Christian Bubble

Blake and I were talking about topics for upcoming blog post when he mentioned the trending topic of “the Christian bubble.” I had not heard of this specific story so I began to dig through the internet to see what I could find, and sadly my heart was broken to what I found.

First, we do not have cable, we feel like it’s a waste of money and we shouldn’t be watching TV that much to want to invest that much money into it. (We do have Netflix which our children can watch approved shows) That being said, that is why I didn’t hear much of this topic earlier. Disney JR. aired an episode of “Doc McStuffins” featuring a family with two moms. This is a show that is geared towards TODDLERS and PRESCHOOLERS! I’m sorry but my preschooler is not part of this social experiment that people are trying to use to push their agenda. There is no reason that we as parents should be forced to explain to our young children why someone has to moms. Yes I know I cannot protect my children from life but preschool is FAR too early to be discussing this matter. If my girls had a friend with same sex parents I would be happy to have an open discussion with them because that situation came about natural not forced on us by a political agenda.

I have been told that I am trying to create a “bubble” for my children, but isn’t that my job as a parent? We are to protect our children from danger, from worrying about family money problems and other stress that is beyond their years. As a parent I have the right to choose what my children are exposed to. In our family we do not dumb things down for our children. Our girls are 4 and 6; we speak to them like this intelligent humans they are. But we also don’t expose them to elements that could take away their innocence. We are only young once, we only get one childhood. My children deserve to be kids, just like every other child in this world should be able to enjoy a childhood without being targeted by someone’s agenda. There are so many children that have their innocence taken from them by sexual predators, human trafficking, and violence in and around their home. I believe we should be fighting for the children all over the world who have had their innocence taken instead of attacking kids with material that is clearly much to mature for them.

Yes I have taken action to protect my children from media by not having cable in our home so you may be asking why I care. I want to begin a conversation with likeminded parents who are looking to protect their children’s youth and childlike faith that the world is good. I am not condemning same sex marriage, but I do believe we should be able to choose when and how we have the discussion of same sex marriage in our home. I encourage you to talk to the parents in your circle to think of other ways we can be proactive in letting our kids be kids.


From the Heart with Love 



Parenting The Best Way For OUR Family Not Yours

This post idea has been nagging me for weeks but I just couldn’t bring myself to write it until I knew my heart was in the right place.

** Disclaimer!! I am not perfect, I am a sinner. Yes I have been saved by grace (I try my best to live a strong Christian life as Jesus has shown us to live) but I am human and I sin almost daily.

So lets just jump into today’s topic.. We need to stop being passive aggressive and judgmental of other parents for how they are raising their children. God created each of us perfectly for our own lives calling, He has created our children perfect to achieve their calling and from the outside we can not judge why parents are choosing to  parent a certain way.  If they chose Public school, private school,  or homeschooling, they are giving their child the best education they can by the means that God has instructed them to use. Organic vs conventional produce and food. Vaccinated vs non vaccinated or partially vaccinated. Putting your child in more then one after school sport or activity vs not putting your child in any. Your family going to church 2-3 Sundays a month vs a family that goes every week and is involved in every bible study.  Allowing video games in your home or being a household that limits TV time and all other electrics as much as possible.

These are just some of the choices we make for our families on a daily basis. We all believe our way of parenting and running our household is the “best” way, but what if it is just the best for OUR family RIGHT NOW. Allowing space to change our parenting style  when learning new information, adding a new baby into the mix, God prompting us to change something or a change in season.

Our oldest daughter will be  7 in December and boy have we changed our parenting  style over the years. From being VERY pro vaccines to now being a partially vaccinated family , private christian preschool to homeschooling, feeding our oldest packaged baby food then making our own baby food for our youngest and so much more. I am not a better parent then you, and I don’t believe you are a better parent then myself. We are each following the prompting of the Lord to raise our children in the way that will help them rise up to be the world changing adults that God has created them to be.

That being said our society has become the judge and jury on every issue that arises. Because we all believe we know what is best for ourselves and for everyone (even people we don’t know) We share articles on Facebook that are passive aggressive towards one way of parenting or thinking we are sharing wisdom and love when in reality we are judging and sharing our point of view when it is not always welcome.

Over the last month this subject has been on my heart, and yes I have done all of the things I have written in this, I have judged, I have given my opinion when it wasn’t welcome and in a way that make myself feel “righteous” when I was really being noisy and self righteous.  As I said before I am a sinner and I fail as a parent daily, I also fail as being a good friend, and wife but I stand up, repent and keep moving forwards.

So today I encourage every parent to remember that we are all doing our best and we are all called to raise our children in different ways. So even though our parenting styles may be different and we are doing things that we don’t all agree on, that doesn’t mean its wrong. It means it is right for us right now, and not right for you right now and THAT’S OK!!!


From The Heart With Love,





Testimony of a Child Labeled with Learning Disabilities.

Lets first start with a disclaimer. I know this topic is very personal for a lot of people. As parents we do the best we can, I do not blame my parents in any way. I am not judging any parents who are currently dealing with this with their child. BUT I am sharing my testimony and how I was effected by being labeled with a learning disability.




I was labeled with learning disabilities as early as I can remember. I can remember in 2nd grade being pulled out of normal class to be put in special programs. Through all my schooling years I was told that I was a slow learner, that I was not expected to do as well as everyone else and that I didn’t have to work as hard as everyone else because the bar for my success was set so low. Sharing this is not easy for me I have written and rewritten this post many times but I believe it is something that needs to be shared.

I was “forced” to take ADD/ADHD prescriptions starting in my early elementary school years. Even at that young age I knew I didn’t want that poison in my body, I would hide the pills in my pocket so my mom thought I took it (avoiding the fight of not taking it.)  I did this for months…. she never suspected a thing, she thought the medicine was “working”. The placebo effect even works on people who are not taking the medicine. I was placed in RSP (reading and spelling program) This class was to work on the basics.  But all it did was go over the same thing the same way everyday, as a mom who is currently teaching my kids to read that is not a productive solution to someone who is not understanding  how to read. Even after years of this program my reading did not improve… but what did happen is my grades in others classes began to drop. Instead of  a child who took a little longer to read, I was becoming lazy in my school work and stopped wanting to participate in class.  The adults in my life blamed this on my “learning disability” but I knew differently. I begged for years to get out of this special program knowing it wasn’t helping but it was the only way that they knew how to ” help” me. This is where I believe the first big mistake was made; they stopped listening to me. I was the one they were trying to help but my voice meant nothing. So I continued the program through middle school, but every year I fell more and more distant from my classes. In reality these programs were having little to no improvement but no one was questioning the process.  Through high school my parents noticed a trend, I wouldn’t turn in home school but I would pass tests! How could this be? isn’t homework the foundation of our school system?

The problem was I was never a “slow learner” with “learning disabilities”. I was a child who took a little longer to read but then I was told I wasn’t normal, I wasn’t going to do as well as everyone else, that I had to take medicine to be “normal” even though I never really took the pill that they said helped me so much.  I was smart I did like to learn but my expectations for myself where lower to match the expectations that others had for me. So I did the bare minimum, I knew the information but why do the work if no one expected to become more then I was.

I am a strong believer of the power of words. If you tell someone they are “slow” “special” (in a bad way), or disabled; they will live down to those expectations especially when they are so young like I was.


Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being.

– Goethe 


Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

-Proverbs 18:21 


I am able to look back on those events and see things differently now that I am a avid reader, who LOVES learning. I don’t believe I grew out of these “problems or disabilities” I believe I overcame the words that were consistently spoken over me. I believe that those words limited my expectation for myself knowing that the expectations others had set for me were so low.

I am now a home school mom of two amazing girls, I have set a goal to read 52 books this year and I continue to learn everything I can. I have overcome my past but my prayer is that the youth of today do not have to go through what I went through. I want to inspire moms to fight for their children and to not treat their  children as if they have a “disability”.  It will be more effective to take the time to find their learning style. Help them to raise the bar and become more then they could ever dream of for themselves.


From The Heart With Love



United Airlines: The Truth About Customer Service

“The customer is always right” ……

Let’s talk about customer service; one specific incident would be the United Airlines controversy that caused the company close to a billion dollar loss and the CEO’s position. Now just like any other human being I hate to admit when I am wrong, but I am going to eat crow and say that a Facebook post I did a couple of weeks ago was one-sided and single-minded. I read an article featuring the chain of events that had a head line that contained the words “traumatized and fear”. Being a red-blooded American that lived a rougher life than most who has had to work, scratch and fight my whole life to have the things I have, seeing words like those really get my blood boiling. The entire state of society is a confused sensitive mess right now, and I believe that we are over sensitizing everything and causing us to be delicate flowers. I could keep going on my soap box about that topic but I’m going to bring it back to my lane and talk about what I do know…customer service.

Being in the customer service industry for nearly twelve years I am no stranger to every level of interaction with people. I have had happy customers, sad customers, angry customers, and crazy customers. Do you know what every one of those experiences had in common? I was representing not only myself but the company that was on my name badge. I remember back when I was a manager and I would get someone who had a bad eating experience with one of my produce items, without a doubt I would offer them replacement product or anything else they wanted to make them happy. In some cases it would turn to $25 dollar gift cards, at that point the customer would feel satisfied with their experience and eventually leave happy. You may ask yourself “why would you give away free product that is causing shrink?” well look at it this way; the margins on most product are fairly good so if I give up a few items to make up for a bad experience and turn it into a good one what does that do for my business? The customer will hopefully return and continue to purchase items and eventually I will make the money back with my repeat business. So what if I had blown them off and tell them to kick rocks?

A customer is 9 times more likely to share a bad experience than a good or great experience.  Why? Well if you are paying your hard-earned money for a product or service you expect to receive top-notch, so when you do get it nothing stands out in your mind. Now there are times when service or the bang for your buck far exceeds your expectations and you rant on about it to your friends, coworkers, and family members. The second you are let down by a product or service you instantly feel cheated and want to share it with every one you know so they do not experience the same let down as you. Combined with the lovely world of social media a bad experience can go viral in a second and bankrupt a person or business.

So going back to United, I listened to a podcast the other day where Andy Frisella was talking about policies and how one under trained employee caused a whole chain of events to unfold. It may have been in the employee manual that the “max amount” to offer a passenger is $800. But look at what the policy has caused the company, close to a billion dollars in revenue, lost investors, future investors questioning their position, future customers, and their top leader his position. Looking at all of that it may seem a little extreme that one company has to face all of that just for one “incident” but is it? A company’s culture is the most important tool they will ever have, more important than facilities, more important than products, and more important than revenue. It is more important because without culture none of those other aspects will be obtained, and even if they are first without creating the right culture they will not last. A company’s success is a direct reflection of their culture; you cannot build a strong building if the foundation is built on sand. Who is to say they haven’t because I do not know much about the company but can you imagine if the CEO would have spent extra money in training the employee’s how to deescalated a situation in times like we witnessed in the plane? What about a process of bumping people from the plane once it’s already boarded? I do not know how they decided that was the guy that needed to get off the plane but once he refused why did they keep pressing it? This is where the $800 offer comes back into play, why isn’t there a plan B, C, D and even E once you cannot get anyone to take the offer? I guarantee you if the Pilot got on the loud-speaker and said ladies and gentlemen we need a few seats to be vacant who wants $3k and a free flight to Aruba? Half that plane would have figured out how to change their travel arrangements to accept the offer. But none of that happened, the employees stuck to the policies and what could have only costed United Airlines $5k at most has turned to so much worse.

I leave you with the one sentence that makes every customer service employees skin crawl….

“The customer is always right”


Words and Wisdom from Experience,



Why we will not be buying a house in 2017.

When we moved to California from Texas we had every intention of buying a house as soon as we found a place that we “liked” (we knew we would not be able to afford our dream house, or a house even close to the one we just sold in Texas in overpriced California). We have already bought and sold two homes in Texas and love having a place that we could call our own and we could change/ remodel. Growing up in California we knew that the market could be very difficult to get into and we would have to be realistic with our “wait list”. We began the process of looking at active listings and contacted our realtor. But then everything changes…

Blake and I have very good communication in our relationship, we talk about everything. (well if you know us, I’m the one that does most of the talking, I don’t really ever stop talking) So that being said, we spent a lot of time discussing what we wanted, when it came to making this very large purchase. After weighing our options and truly talking about the life that we imaged for our selves and the life we were currently in the process of creating for ourselves; we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t honestly buy a home in 2017 and be happy with our decision. Even if everyone in our lives were telling us what we “should” do.   Even if they didn’t realize what they were telling us to follow was the “standard” American Dream, we knew that that wasn’t our own dream. If we were to follow it we would end up feeling empty and lost in this crazy world we call home.

If living the standard American Dream means sacrificing the opportunity to leave a legacy that will last generations then I personally can not call that a dream… to me it sounds more like a tragedy.  If you ask most people what their “American Dream” is it goes something like this…

  1. Have a job that you enjoy
  2. Buy a home
  3. Raise a family
  4. Be financially secure

But lets break those down even further to get to my point.

  1. Have a job that you enjoy – I encourage you to find a “job” not only that you enjoy but something that fuels your fire and gives you passion to wake up everyday and never stop working.
  2. Buying a home – most people rarely get to the point where they truly own there home because they finance it for 30 years then refinance it and never pay it off.
  3. Raise a family- this one is great for us, no complaints here.
  4. Be financially secure – What does this even mean? This is such a broad term that it really doesn’t give any description of what your life will look like. Do you want to be living paycheck to paycheck with 200$ left over to “enjoy life”. Do you want to be able to go out to eat 4 times a week and not need to look at the bank account or do you want to have the money to travel the world and buy the finer things in life and not have to stress about the price tag.

What I am getting at is we need to refine what are goals are with much more detail. You should be able to picture exactly what you want out of life and knowing that will allow you to create your “American Dream”. But if you don’t understand your goals in detail you will never understand how the “standard dream” can be robbing you of what you truly value in life.

Here are the things that we value in our lifestyle to help you get some ideas of the details you need to lay out for your “American Dream”.

  1. Living a life where we spend the majority of our time together as a family (not at work or school or things taking up our time, that take focus away from our family)
  2. We want to leave our girls with a legacy that will give them the opportunity to follow their dreams and impact the world with their gifts not having to worry about student loans or debt.
  3. Raise our family with Christian values and morals.
  4. Living in a space that inspires us to keep dreaming and never settling.
  5. Create a job where our money will be working for us and will not be trading our time for money.

If we bought a home this year we would be dishonoring 4 of our of lifestyle goals. We would have made a large purchase, tying up a large part of our assets which would not allow us to make future financial investments as freely as we wish to. We would have listened to people in our lives that are not living the life that we have been dreaming of for ourselves.

This is not to scare you away from buying a home, we have every intention of purchasing a home in Southern California in the next couple of years. But I do want to encourage you to follow your own dream and define your goals down to the smallest detail so that you know exactly what you are striving to achieve. This way you will not get lost in the “standard American Dream” and lose out on creating the ideal future for you and your family.

Speaking from the heart with love,