Not The Everyday Millennial is a way for us to express our beliefs and explain how we live our lives differently from what the rest of the world would like to believe about the millennial generation.

My name is Susie, I am a 27 year old wife and mother. I stay home full time to manage our household and home school our two beautiful young daughters. I am an opinionated woman full of passion and driven to make an impact in this world.

My husband Blake is a successful 29 year old professional who has earned everything he has by working hard. He started working at 16 and worked his way to the corporate level. He has only worked at two companies during his professional career. But he has owned over 15 cars! (its a man thing)

Together we will give you a glimpse into our lives and how we don’t live the “average” life style. We have been called “weird” for years so we finally decided to create¬†this website to share how we do things different and to connect with other “weird” and driven millennials (and non-millennials) like ourselves.